About Us
We are a family owned and operated business established over 20 years ago.We are located in Wayne,Maine.We service most of the state of Maine,especially for the big commercial jobs.75% of our business is residential driveways,the other 25% is commercial parking lots.We own our own bulk plant,cutting out the middle man.We are fully insured,give free estimates,and all work is guaranteed.We have very competetive pricing.You may be able to find somebody cheaper,but we guarantee you will get a cheaper job.Quality materials and workmanship always prevail.We run 2 trucks and trailers everyday,with the same crew of guys for 5 years now.When we show up on a job we have everything needed to complete that job.Plus the owner,me Jeffrey Albert,is on every single job done by JRA.Don't take chances,there are a lot of fly by nights in this business,go with a business that is established and trusted.We ask for no money until the job is done!!! Thank you for your consideration!!!